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Shinshi Doumei Cross Community

The Gentlemen Alliance

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Welcome Minna-san! This is a community for all fans of Arina Tanemura's newest manga Shinshi Doumei Cross, If you are a fan of this manga or the characters please join! ^^

Sypnosis by wikipedia:

This story is about Haine Otomiya, a 15-year-old high school girl student at the elite private Imperial Academy (Teikoku Gakuen). Apparently sold to foster parents for fifty million yen, and a one-time gang member. Haine reformed when she met Shizumasa Tougu, who told her to live life how she wanted to. She fell in love with Shizumasa and entered the Imperial Academy to chase after him.

Now, Shizumasa is the Koutei (the emperor) of the school. Being the president of the student council and the only member of the gold class, he is the one who everyone looks up to. Through various circumstances Haine is tricked by one of the student council members into becoming his bodyguard and joining the student council. However, Shizumasa claims not to know her and is unexpectedly cold towards her.

This community is maintained by me [okorimakuri] and cinaroll

The rules you have to follow are really simple:

1. Use the Lj-cut tool, when you are posting icons, wallpapers, lovebars, scans, fanfictions, etc. All the stuffs that will make the web slow!.

2. You have announce that the post contains spoiler and put the information under a lj-cut.

3. Anything too hardcore for kids under lj-cut

4. Respect the opinion of everybody, we don't want discourtesy and most of all remember this a is a community about shinshi doumei cross, if you don't like the manga please don't comment anything insulting of the arina's work or of the people that like it.

5. In the case of the graphics give credit of the scans to the owner.

6. This is a community of SDC so the all the posts should be related to SDC or the author Arina!

Finally thanks for joining the First Shinshi Doumei Cross Community!!

-Image for the banner and the avatar, from KuMo's site edited by okorimakuri and cinaroll.

-Stylesheet by refuted
-For brushes, etc. that i used in the headers or graphic i did for the community over here the credits cinaroll

-Sypnosis by wikipedia

More than Affiliates these are web pages you should visit :)

-Shinshi Doumei Cross fan site


wanna affilliate?? send me a message to click